My Little Pony Rewatch Project

Deconstruction is Magic

Season 3

Episode [3.03] – “Too Many Pinkie Pies”

This week, on My Little Pony… “So lemme guess. You’re the real Pinkie Pie.” “Heck if I know. Could be any one of us, if you ask me. And if I said I was the real Pinkie, you wouldn’t even believe me anyway. So just leave me alone. I’ve got some important poking the ground […]

Episode [3.02] – “The Crystal Empire – Part 2”

This week, on My Little Pony… “Twilight, as I understand it, Spike brought Princess Cadance the Crystal Heart because you weren’t sure how quickly you could find a way to escape the tower. You weren’t willing to risk the future of the citizens of the Crystal Empire in an effort to guarantee your own. Far […]

Episode [3.01] – “The Crystal Empire – Part 1”

This week, on My Little Pony… “I am simply to tell you that it has returned.” The Crystal Empire, an ancient city forgotten in the deep recesses of time, has mysteriously reappeared on the northern outskirts of Equestria. But along with it has come a dark force that threatens to spread its evil throughout the […]

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