My Little Pony Rewatch Project

Deconstruction is Magic

November, 2015

Episode [3.06] – “Sleepless in Ponyville”

This week, on My Little Pony… “Oh, yeah… Wait, is this just a dream? But it feels so real!” “I assure you that you are asleep. But when you awake, the thing that frightens you most will still exist.” “Eh… The Headless Horse?” “Hmmm… Is The Headless Horse really what frightens you the most?” The […]

Episode [3.05] – “Magic Duel”

This week, on My Little Pony… “Why is she so mean to us?” “Yeah, I miss the days when she was just a fraud!” The Great and Powerful Trixie has a personal vendetta against Twilight Sparkle, and she’s willing to go to great lengths to exact her retribution… even if that means allowing herself to […]

Episode [3.04] – “One Bad Apple”

This week, on My Little Pony… “Oh, why does life have to be so ironic?” In which an Apple cousin from Manehattan comes out to the farm for a week, falls in with the wrong crowd, and becomes a worse bully than Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. No, really.

Episode [3.03] – “Too Many Pinkie Pies”

This week, on My Little Pony… “So lemme guess. You’re the real Pinkie Pie.” “Heck if I know. Could be any one of us, if you ask me. And if I said I was the real Pinkie, you wouldn’t even believe me anyway. So just leave me alone. I’ve got some important poking the ground […]