My Little Pony Rewatch Project

Deconstruction is Magic

March, 2015

Episode [2.07] – “May The Best Pet Win!”

This week, on My Little Pony… “The falcon sure does look cool… He’s absolutely everything I wanted in a pet.” “Yay?” “But I did say that whoever crosses the finish line with me gets to be my pet.” “You did! You did say that! She did say that, that was the rule!” “And the only […]

Episode [2.06] – “The Cutie Pox”

This week, on My Little Pony… “Sweet! Heart’s Desire, huh?” “Ay me, but what is this? I’ve run out of Amethyst. I must go get this purple flower for my brew to have full power.” “Yeah, you go, you go.” *grin* “Help me!” The Cutie Mark Crusaders want nothing more than to get their cutie marks. […]

Episode [2.05] – “Sisterhooves Social”

This week, on My Little Pony… “Bein’ sisters is like… apple pie. You can have amazin’ apples, and you can have a wonderfully crispy crust, but only together you can have a perfect apple pie.” “But apart, all we are is just a pile of mush and some crumbly dry mess… I know what I […]

Episode [2.04] – “Luna Eclipsed”

This week, on My Little Pony… “Enough chit-chat! Time is candy!” “Pinkie Pie, aren’t you a little old for this?” “Too old for free candy?! NEVER!“ It’s the annual Nightmare Night celebration, and Ponyville is decked out in their spookiest fashion. But when Princess Luna picks tonight to make an appearance to reacquaint herself with […]